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Multi-color 3D Moon Lamp with Wooden Stand and Remote Control

The moon’s beauty is unrivaled with the unique, enchanting glow it emits. Now, you can bring the moon out of the sky and light up your room with the amazing 3D Moon Lamp.

Set a vibe and prepare to be amazed by the charming beauty of the moon. The 3D Moon Lamp is intricately detailed to create a stunning display whether it’s lit or not. It is the ideal decorative piece for any room and occasion!

Perfect for people of all ages, share this enchanting experience with your family, friends, and special loved ones.
  • Easy to Operate. It's easy and simple to control, by simply using the power button, you can turn on and off the night lamp. The Multi-color 3D Moon Lamp with Wooden Stand and Remote Control features 16 different color options making it captivating when lit up. One press is all it takes to freely adjust and change the lamp’s brightness, color timing, and many more.
  • Realistic Design. Made with 3D printing technology, the moon lamp was designed to match the surface of the moon as much as possible. A gorgeous piece whether the lights are on or off.
  • Multi-colored and Different Modes. Choose from 16 stunning colors and these different modes: flash, fade, or strobe to create a beautiful atmosphere for any event.
  • Touch / Remote Control. Use the remote control to conveniently change the color and brightness at any moment.
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery. You can charge on your computer or power bank. You can hold the moonlight lamp in your hand without any hanging wires.
  • LED Night Light. Kids will love the design and the different colors of the moon lamp. Always ready to suit your mood at the touch of a button. The Moon Lamp also functions as a home, bedroom, living room, or office decor.
  • Great Gift. 3D Moon Lamp with Wooden Stand and Remote Control is a great gift for children, moon-lovers, friends, and family on any occasion!