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Kids Night Light Projector

  • Starry Sky / Sea World Projection. Starry Sky Theme: Project stars and moons. Sea World Theme: It projects various patterns included jellyfish, sea horses, dolphins, clownfish, starfish, algae, shell, conch. There are two themes of star projection that fully arousing your kids' interests to learn more about the world and creatures.
  • 8 Colors Mode + 360°Rotation. Accompanied by 8 kinds of wonderful colors: Blue, Red, Green, 2 colors combination, 3 colors combination, and all colors combination flashing. You can chose to rotate or not with the 360° rotation designed, make the pattern move around the wall and ceiling. Baby ceiling light projector creates a warm and quiet sleep environment, can also help you release your body and mind.
  • Three Working Buttons & Night Light Mode. The first button: Make the lampshade rotate or turn to night light mode as it can use as a night light. The second button: Switch 8 colors light mode. The third button: Power Switch, turn on/off the power.
  • 2 Ways to Power. With these 2 ways to power, you can easily take it outdoors or just decorate your child's bedroom.