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Interactive Cat Toy

  • Interactive Cat Toys: When your cat touches the fish cat toy, it starts flopping that like a live fish. 
  • Rechargeable with USB: You no longer have to worry about wasting batteries. The USB recharging is excellent. It charges easily through any micro-usb charger. If not touched the floppy fish cat toy in a while, the cat fish toy will shuts off until it's touched again. Cool & battery-saving, too!
  • Free Catnip and Bell: There is a small bag of catnip in the belly of each fish. Catnip fish toys have a strong scent, which will make your cats more excited and happy and help them relieve stress. We also have two bells that you can tuck into the fish belly or use it with other funny cat toys.
  • High-quality Fabric and Removable Design: The cat kicker toy is made of soft cotton and short plush, Soft and comfortable, non toxic and safe. Excellent for biting, chewing and kicking. Removable and rechargeable charging motor, you can easily clean plush cat toys.