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Hand Controlled Flying Saucer UFO Drone Toy


What's that strange thing flying in the sky? It's a UFO! It's the motion-sensing UFO Drone toy perfect for little kids. It won't fall as long as it senses you when you're playing!

This toy is an ideal gift for kids, parents, aunts, cousins, and EVERYONE! Let your kids put down the tablet and smartphones and enjoy some epic playtime! If you're looking for a unique gift to give your children, the Infrared Sensor UFO Toy is the best option!

  • Infrared Sensor Hover Technology: Sensitive sensor keeps the UFO toy safely in the air and prevents it from crashing into other UFO toys, items and people
  • Rechargeable: Propeller is wrapped with a flexible mesh barrier so it never needs to be touched. This feature keeps players safe from injury, too. No batteries needed since the toy is charged by USB. Fast charging and neverending fun!
  • LED Powered: With the simple flip of the switch, LED lights turn on in the UFO toy. Light up the sky while you're having fun.