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Grow Light Bulbs for Indoor Plants

Plants are a great addition to your own home. They add life and have many benefits.

With our Grow Light Bulb, your plants will have enough sunlight to keep them alive and healthy!
  • Easy installation. Can be easily screwed in standard cans fixtures without replacing the whole fixture.
  • Safe for your family. Contain no mercury and do not contain any UV/IR light. Outstanding heat dissipation light bulbs are ideal for general indoor lighting in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, hallway, and much more applications.
  • Indoor Gardening. Grow your plants indoors without or with limited sunlight by using this grow light bulb
  • Effective Plant Light. This has red and blue lights that together produce a violet light which helps your plants grow
  • Energy-Saving. This light bulb is energy-saving and has a wide illumination and brightness so it is very practical as well.