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Child Proof Corner Cover

  • BALL SHAPE CORNER GUARDS WITH MATTE FINISH: Spherical bumpers absorb impact better to protect your baby from painful bumps - Suitable for right-angled "corner" tables, chairs, cabinets, etc - Can protect walls and furniture when move - Clear corner guards keep the beauty of your furniture.
  • WILL SURELY STICK: These thicker gel-like adhesives are specially custom made for our ball shape corner covers, bringing stronger adheres - Curved edges with child proof design - ideal for flat and clean surfaces with right angles like wood, tile, glass, metal and plastic.
  • CUSTOM MADE TRACELESS ADHESIVES: NOT ONLY keep the corner protectors securely fastened, BUT ALSO are easy to remove without damaging your loved furniture - Heat the corner protectors with a hair dryer for a minute or two and allow adhesive to soften, lift from one side and peel off. - If adhesive residue remains on the surface, you can use rubbing alcohol and gently wipe the surface for a final clean up.