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LED Inner Hinge Cabinet Light

  • USAGE: Can be used any where at home, in the kitchen, office or hotel's cabinet, closet, cupboard or wardrobe, anything with a hinge.
  • ADVANTAGES: This battery-powered hinge light turns on by itself when the cabinet door is open and turns off automatically when closed. Perfect for cabinets that doesn't get enough much light especially at night. 
  • EASY TO INSTALL: No need to remove hinges. This cabinet will attach itself atop already installed hinges.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: Low-power cost. One 23A-12V battery will normally last a year without problems. Once the base of the light is attached, replacing the battery is as easy as taking pulling off the light and replacing the battery. All in less than a minute!
  • BATTERY TYPE: (1) 23A-12V Battery.

No batteries included.