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Bicycle Brake Housing Brake Line


With an SMOOTH OUTER HOUSING and a DURABLE INNER CABLE, this brake cable won't bind as easily as a regular brake cable even when the bars are spun or when the cable is routed through a tight bend.

Installation Guide

1. Remove the brake cables pipes.

2. Turning left and right handlebar, the front wheels and the frame at 90 degrees.

note the Line pipe and Frame line nozzle mount on the position parallel.

3. As the picture shows.

4. From the beginning of the line pipes mount thinned place to mark.

5. In marked place cut with pliers.

6. The brake line ground smooth.

7. Use a pin to line pipe wall smooth process.

8. As shown in picture 8.

9. Put the line pipe caps pressed and closed it.

10. Put the Line pipe to add lubricate , one meter by one liter.

11. With nylon cable tie bring it with the frame bound together.

12. Directly to the C-type buckles firmly stuck in the frame.