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Underwater Airbag

  • Universal Waterproof Case: This waterproof phone case fits most smartphones and iOS phones.
  • 100%Floating Waterproof Pouch: our mobile phone waterproof bag adopts double bubble design which support 300 grams of buoyancy at least, Most mobile phones on the market today weigh are less than 250 grams. Therefore, our waterproof bag can make most mobile phones float on the water, ensuring that your mobile phone will not be lost
  • Sensitive Touch and Simple Operation: The transparent waterproof pouch is made of high-quality ultra-thin PVC material, which will not hinder the touch screen to send messages, reply emails, take photos, videos. You can make a call when your phone inside this bag, and the voice can clearly pass through this bag
  • IP68 Certification: 100 feet underwater waterproof, Our waterproof phone bag is completely waterproof and supports diving, protecting your mobile phone and valuables from water in various water or underwater activities
  • Safety Lock Design: Double rotation lock and sealable clip design can lock the waterproof bag well and keep your phone dry. You can easily open or close the waterproof bag with the rotary switch